Advice when hiring a DJ for your kids party

Advice when hiring a DJ for your kids party
September 26, 2018 Ted Dunne Entertainment
Advice when hiring a DJ for your kids party - Blog Post by Ted Dunne Entertainment

Hiring a DJ for your Kid’s Party? Here are some useful tips.

When you’re considering booking a DJ for your children’s party, this can often turn out to be more challenging than you may have first expected. And it’s not because you can’t find a good party DJ, but because kids are easily influenced by their peers. You know that when you’re hosting a party you need to make sure you get the right entertainment for the guests. And when the guests are children, the entertainment needs to be appropriate for their age and a lot of fun at the same time.

Involve the kids

If you want to ensure that the party is a success, make sure that you involve the children as much as possible. Ask them about the type of activities they would like to have, and allow them to be actively involved with the arrangements for the party. One thing is for sure: no matter how much you love music or you know your kids, they have their own personal tastes regarding music, as well as their peers. So, letting your son or daughter help choose the songs is a great idea to make sure the party is a hit.

Hire a professional

While there are undoubtedly plenty of DJs available in your area, or your friend has a set of decks and has played at some parties before, let’s just be very clear about one thing … just because someone is a great party DJ or the most amazing club DJ, doesn’t mean that they are ideal for a children’s party. Booking a professional and experienced kid’s party DJ will not only have the right music, but is one of the things that will bring any party to life when done with the kids in mind. A good children’s DJ will be always be engaging and interacting with both the kids and adults alike. What you can do as a parent, is to make the necessary arrangements related to the dance floor area and removing all the furniture that can be in the way. Try to create as much free space as you can, and don’t forget to remove all the floor mats from this area.

Ensuring that your booking is specifically for a Children’s Party DJ is vital. Kids parties are always different, because they’re a completely different crowd. And if the DJ isn’t used to it or doesn’t interact with them properly, then you’ll fail completely. Also, make sure that you ask the DJ about additional activities and party games that they plan for the party, to make it even better for the kids. One thing to pay attention to is the age of your child. The average 7 or 8-year-old will enjoy games like the pass the parcel, whereas young teenagers might think this to be too childish a game.

Break the ice

Kids can initially be quite shy and reserved, and you need to make sure they take the most out of the party you arranged. Again, this is where an experienced children’s party DJ will shine. Ensuring to connect with the children, and play appropriate upbeat music that the kids can relate to, helps to encourage the children to the dance floor. You can even throw some goodies in the crowd. Everything counts to make them come to the dance floor and enjoy the party.


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